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Oracle BI Cloud Services (BICS)

Beyond offer on-premise training, development, hybrid cloud solutions and support services focused around Oracle BI Cloud Services (BICS).   These services can be found on the GCloud7 framework via the Digital Marketplace.


Helping clients to explore their data using Visual Analytics tools and designing and developing cloud hosted dashboards and analytics for departmental and corporate data.  A bespoke service to meet the client's specific requirements.

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We offer “Pre-defined” delivery packages including:

Beyond Cloud Starter Pack to accelerate an in-house team getting up-to-speed with their own project.   

•    Presentation of Cloud capability, including Art-of-Possible examples, guided tour of all features  
•    Environment “check-up” to make sure its provisioned
•    2-day / 2 consultant workshop exercise to create working Cloud BI application with YOUR DATA
•    Ensure the customer understands the functionality and features of BI Cloud Services

Duration:  5 days


Beyond Cloud Accelerator Pack  for inception to live for small well defined projects, supporting in-house skills development.

•    Develop working BI Application
•    Hands-on guidance and training to familiarize the customer with the environment
•    Specifically bespoked for the customer, including:

             - Data Loads Incremental/Full

             - Dashboards

             - Analytics

             - Visual Analyzer

             - Security

Duration:  30 days

To learn more about how Beyond can help you get the most from Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Services including pricing,  please contact us via our website or telephone +44 (0) 8450 940 998.