<Strong>Unleash</Strong> The <Strong>Value</Strong> In Your <Strong>Data</Strong>

Unleash The Value In Your Data

At Beyond we help the world's most advanced organisations develop their ideas to harvest the true value of their data through innovative Analytics, Data Science and Applications.

Beyond Elastic Service Technology

Built on Oracle cloud for Oracle cloud, the Smart Cloud Controller application allows you to manage and flex your Oracle cloud instance usage efficiently and reduce your Universal Credit costs or your Pay As You Go subscription.

Forecasting and Budget Management

The Beyond Forecasting product has been designed specifically to integrate with both Oracle SaaS ERP and Oracle E-Business suite products. It is simple and easy to use from a business users perspective but at the same time Finance are able to construct complex and innovative forecasting models which deliver more accurate and timely forecasts.

Forecast Manager for Oracle PBCS

The Forecast Manager for Oracle PBCS complements Oracle's PBCS to provide a secure, collaborative, process-driven Forecast Management solution for the whole organisation that saves time and money.

BI Applications Modernisation

History Oracle BI Applications first appeared over a decade ago in the 7.9.6.x lineage, which used Informatica as the ETL tool. This variant of BI Applications was replaced in 2013 by the 11.1.1.x versions which...

Analytics Training

We think that the most effective way to learn Oracle Analytics is through interactive hands-on workshops from experienced consultants who have actually used the tools to solve real clients’ problems.  That is why we offer...

Analytics Quickstart

We work with many organisations to develop intuitive BI systems that bring important events and trends to the attention of the key users and, importantly, then give them the ability to act. Utilising Oracle’s leading...

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