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Beyond Cosmos

Oracle Cloud Integration made easy!

What is Cosmos?

Allows the management and transformation of Oracle Cloud data across clouds (Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon) – securely, near real-time and with consistency you can trust.

Liberating data opens up a whole new world of possibilities with freedom to extend and enhance current Cloud solutions.

Why is it needed?

Every customer has unique business processes and reporting needs, which are not readily available in Oracle Cloud ERP/EPM.   Cosmos allows customers to liberate their data to their choice of cloud to enhance the capabilities of Oracle Cloud ERP/EPM using application and reporting.

How does it work?

Connect a Cloud

Connect a Cloud System in one simple step

Choose the Data

Choose which Data Sets to extract from your Source System and when to extract them

Load a Target

Load your data to the COSMOS Warehouse or an existing Cloud Database / Lake / Catalog


The simplicity means lower cost of ownership

Pre-built subject areas for Oracle SaaS

Day 1 Data Delivery

Built-in comprehensive data platform

Built-in Data Warehouse

Advanced application delivery capability

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Access your data with most common Business Intelligence tools


High performance extract of Oracle Cloud ERP/EPM data

Near real-time

Simple easy to use interface

Choose your own datasets

Multi Cloud – Microsoft/Oracle/AWS

Secure consistent data transfer

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