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The Smart Cloud Controller

Galliford Try Services

The Customer

The customer already had two Oracle cloud environments, production and development, comprising of Database(s), Oracle Analyics (OAC) and several Compute instances.

The Challenge

The Customer asked Beyond Systems to assist them:

  • With the renewal of their contract to an Oracle Universal Credit pricing model
  • In architecting a solution to reduce their costs and optimize their use of Universal Credits
  • With a physical move to the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (GEN2)
  • To gain a third Test environment

Defining the Plan

Universal Credits are based on usage so the Beyond team worked with the customer to define an optimal usage plan based on uptime availability and CPU across the THREE proposed environments. The usage plan looked great on paper and was used during negotiations. The plan showed significant savings and was able to accommodate additional products.

However, for any plan to come in on budget, it requires careful control and management. The plan was sophisticated as it needed to control dependencies between multiple clouds, working hours, overnight data processing windows and slots for automatic backups. The plan had to be automated.

Automating Control

To help the customer adhere to the usage plan, we introduced the Beyond Smart Cloud Controller.  The Smart Cloud Controller is built on Oracle cloud technology and is designed to control Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Products.  Beyond registered the customer with our service and activated their usage plan which was live a few hours later.

Reducing Spend

The usage plan is now operational with the Smart Cloud Controller orchestrating the customers cloud estate, helping to protect them from potential overspend and achieve the savings that were envisaged during the Plan Definition stage.

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