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Cloud Software


Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, usually accessed over the internet or private network and hosted in the cloud.

Beyond Cloud Applications

The “Beyond Cloud Applications” is a suite of products that have been developed primarily to support and enhance any implementation of an Oracle ERP Cloud.

Beyond Cloud E-Business Archive Application Service

The Beyond “Cloud E-Business Archive Application” is a product designed for any organisation that is moving from Oracle E-Business on to another ERP platform but still has a requirement to retain and query their old data for several years.

Smart Cloud Controller

The Beyond Smart Cloud Controller is a unique service that manages a customer’s Oracle “Universal Credits” efficiently by shutting down and starting up cloud environments to a user defined schedule.

Budget and Forecast Synchronizer

The Beyond “Budget and Forecast Synchronizer” product automates the process of extracting and loading forecasts and budgets from the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud into Oracle ERP.

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