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Secure Cost Centre Reporting From Oracle Financials

Giving secure access to cost centre information to 100’s or even 1000’s of budget managers can be a challenge for many organisations. Oracle Financials users now have a new option; Beyond’s new Cost Centre Reporting Manager.

What We Offer

The Cost Centre Reporting Manager has been developed specifically to give Budget Managers the ‘self-service’ ability to quickly and securely view information about the cost centres they manage. Only having access to their cost centres means reduced filtering and faster access to their data.

Budget Managers can securely view their cost centres and drill to view the breakdown via other segments. In the example below we start with a specific cost centre and then drill to see the subjectives (account level) and then drill from an account to the analysis codes. It is now so easy for the Budget Manager who owns a number of cost centres to see the data they need at the level at which they need to see it.

The concept of drill through segments in action

Why use the Cost Centre Reporting Manager?

Cost Centre Security to YOUR requirements

We understand that everyone is different. So whether you have your managers and cost centres in Flexfields in Oracle Financials through to having them “off-system” in a spreadsheet, our flexible architecture and approach has been designed from the outset to have the flexibility to accommodate multiple cost centre security configurations.

Implemented in weeks

Our cloud-based product has been designed to be easy and fast to configure and implement so that you can reap the rewards quickly.

Rapid and configurable drill across YOUR segments

Budget Managers need to see current financial values and not just at the Cost Centre level, they need the ability to drill through other segments too. So whilst they may start with the cost centre total, they can drill to see the values for accounts (subjectives) and then perhaps dig deeper into the analysis codes. Our Cost Centre Reporting Manager provides configurable drill capabilities across multiple segments to get the level of detail Budget Managers need.

Hosted in Oracle’s Cloud

The Cost Centre Reporting Manager is developed using 100% Oracle technology and is hosted in Oracle’s cloud. Just like your Oracle Financials.

Periodic Automated Data Pipeline from Oracle Financials

The data is extracted from Oracle Financials on a periodic basis (usually overnight) and monitored and managed by Beyond.

Manager Views

In addition to Cost Centre Managers being able to see their own data, we also have ‘Manger of Manager’ view capability so that the managers of Budget Managers can see the cost centre data of the team and even ‘act-as’ a specific Budget Manager.

Further analysis using popular BI tools

Whilst we provide a comprehensive, rapid and flexible platform, we appreciate that you may want to combine the data with data from other sources or use it to feed into other systems for augmented analytics. We therefore provide the facility to access the data from other BI tools, including Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Hierarchical Drilling

There is also the ability to view through Cost Centre or Subjective/Account hierarchies too. We understand that users need to be able to see values at the top level of a hirearchy and then have the easy ability to drill down through the hirearchy levels to get the level of detail they need. No matter how many levels you have, we have designed the solution to make drilling fast, accurate and easy for anyone to do

Outstanding Performance

We know just how engaging a performant system is and how a slow one can inhibit adoption. We have decades of Oracle design expertise and have used all of that to ensure that we provide a compelling performant solution. Let us demonstrate to you just how responsive we expect a package to be, you won’t be disappointed.

Remarkable value per user/month

All of the above would be moot if the solution was not affordable enough to be rolled out to 100’s or 1000’s of users. With our focus on value we believe that we have made this a ‘no brainer’ for every organisation.

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