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Forecast Manager for Oracle PBCS

What is the Forecast Manager?

The Forecast Manager for Oracle PBCS complements Oracle’s PBCS to provide a secure, collaborative, process-driven Forecast Management solution for the whole organisation that saves time and money. 

Budget holders are able to review/amend/annotate and approve forecasts via a simple user interface without any assistance.

Why is it needed?

Many organisations invest significant time and money implementing sophisticated and accurate financial forecasting models in Oracle PBCS, but often manage the monthly forecast review/amendment process offline via printed/emailed reports and spreadsheets.

This leaves resources working at a desk with lots of forecast spreadsheets being passed around.

The Forecast Manager for PBCS brings order to the chaos

The Forecast Manager provides budget holders with access to the right information at the right time, identifying risks and problem areas so that corrective action can be taken without delay, bringing budgets back under control.


Central Finance controlled

Budget Manager review and update forecasts

Commentary entry at multiple levels

View As Collaboration Finance & Managers

Workflow approval

Comprehensive Reporting for: Historical Trend analysis, Audit, Tracing who did what when

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