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Forecasting and Budget Management

What is Beyond Forecasting and Budget Management?

Thurrock have found it very useful in the past year to use their third budgeting segment (project) to record COVID-19 expenses and funding.  Using a third segment as well as cost centre and subjective is something that Oracle PBCS in my experience would have difficulty with, because of interactive cube performance if the number of cells in the cube is too high.

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How does it work?

The Beyond Forecasting product has been designed specifically to integrate with both Oracle SaaS ERP and Oracle E-Business suite products. It is simple and easy to use from a business users perspective but at the same time Finance are able to construct complex and innovative forecasting models which deliver more accurate and timely forecasts. The system has a smart set of configurable rules which can be tailored to generate a forecast and then users can review and accept or change the generated forecast, reasons for the change can also be entered.

Why is it needed?

Beyond Forecasting automates the day to day management of forecast changes and helps central finance teams and key budget holders get insight into those changes immediately – with full visibility provided by the aggregated Budget Monitoring dashboard that are built into the system.


Cloud or on-premise – you decide

Forecasts are auto generated via flexible rules engine

Central Finance controlled workflow

Forecast formula inclusion/ exclusion

Commentary entry at multiple levels

Budget Manager review and update generated forecasts

Historical forecasts for trend analysis

View As Collaboration

Integrated with ERP security rules


Automation – reduces the time taken to forecast and provides increased visibility

Value for money – cost effective and quick to implement

Easy to use and requires little or zero training

Empowers budget holders to take ownership and accountability

Designed with public sector for public sector

Dramatically improved financial accuracy with up to the minute forecast visibility

Integrates with Oracle SaaS ERP Cloud or Oracle E-Business

Optimal collaboration between budget manager and finance