If you’re still using BI Enterprise then watch out for 14th May 2016

If you’re still using BI Enterprise then watch out for 14th May 2016

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 11g has been around for many years now and there are many people using versions. This goes out of error correction support on the 14th May 2016, so something you want to be planning for if you’re using that in production. You’ve got a couple of interesting options though:

1) Upgrade to BI EE – yes there wasn’t a version – which you can do as an “in-place” upgrade and you’ll get a new version of BI EE with a few extra bits and pieces too, such as a new chart type and you can save measures, etc.

2) Upgrade to the latest 12c release. If you’re using BI Applications or onwards then this is supported for you too. 12c comes with a more “modern” look and feel – certainly if you’ve seen the cloud offerings it’ll be familiar – but it’s much more than a pretty face, there’s a lot of back end changes that make environmental management easier.

Why wouldn’t you go straight for 12c then? Well, make sure you pay careful attention to the certification matrix to ensure that your infrastructure is upto date enough to support it and also read the full upgrade document so you know what you need to do before you embark. You need to migrate BI Publisher too if you use it.

If you do have any specific questions then drop me a comment.

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