Monitoring ODI Load Plan Executions (II)

Monitoring ODI Load Plan Executions (II)

Just over three years ago I wrote a blog post on Monitoring Oracle Data Integrator (ODI ) Load Plan Executions with BI Apps where I demonstrated a little APEX application I had developed to bypass some of the pain and clunkiness of doing the same in the ODI console. I had a few people ask me if they could have a copy of the app, however at the time other priorities took over and I never got around to putting anything out there. Now I’ve eventually got around to uploading a very basic version which can be downloaded from GitHub here.   I named it moditor – from ODI Monitor of course. All feedback welcome however please remember this is an unsupported application and is used at your own risk. I may in the future add additional bits to it (check GitHub) however it’s not something I plan to actively maintain and develop.

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