NEP REACH HAS ARRIVED, demonstrating how partnerships work!

NEP REACH HAS ARRIVED, demonstrating how partnerships work!

Beyond Systems, in collaboration with Fujitsu, are delighted to announce that the initial members of the NEP NHS consortium are now live on the first release of NEP Reach Reporting

NEP is the largest Not for Profit Consortium in the English NHS and NEP Reach is an integral part of the NEP Cloud solution.  NEP Reach provides members with a complete dashboard reporting data platform that enables NHS organisations to quickly analyse complex data and make informed decisions via an easy-to-use visual interface.

Developed alongside Fujitsu, closely and in line with NEP Consortium members, using Beyond’s Oracle cloud connector technology and cloud data warehousing skills, NEP Reach provides the following key features :

High performance, near real-time reporting.

Interactive dashboards with granular drill-down.

Comprehensive budget management.

Simple and easy to use.

A platform to enable information driven initiatives.

Future proof

“The transformation of Reach from an ambitious idea to a ground-breaking analytics platform for the NHS has been immensely fulfilling,” says Andrew Clegg, Beyond Systems. “Our collaborative efforts with Fujitsu, NEP and Consortium members have yielded a solution that is not only fast and user-friendly but importantly provides so much immediate value to aiding decision making.  Employing innovative Oracle Cloud warehousing techniques and Oracle’s Application Express (APEX) framework, we have engineered a platform that is contemporary, adaptable, scalable, and built for the future. The entire team at Beyond Systems is incredibly proud of this remarkable achievement, and we are eager to witness the transformative impact NEP Reach will have in the years to come.”

Christine Hall, Managing Director says ‘NEP have partnered with our colleagues at Beyond to fulfil a gap, in the ability to have a reporting tool in virtual real time.  The flexibility the solution offers is ground breaking and we are proud to be working alongside Beyond in ensuring we have the best solution to offer our NEP Consortium Members with NEP Cloud.  The beauty of this reporting tool is that we have played a significant role in its design and contribute in the needs of the NHS’.

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