New OTBI Course Available

New OTBI Course Available


Beyond have created a new course for customers who are new to Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI).  

From our years’ of experience of BI, we have created content which we believe is needed to give someone new to OTBI the confidence to create their own analytics and dashboards and start to use OTBI for true self-service.  We believe we have added in an important unique element to the course by creating a core course structure whereby we then run through the course on the customer’s own system and make the course specific to the customer using your data on your system.  We offer options to allow customers to attend the course remotely or the course can be run physically on-site. 

The intensive 1 day course contains the following elements :

  • Pre Workshop ‘About OTBI’ and Analytics Presentations
  • Workshop 1 – About OTBI Environment
  • Workshop 2 – Creating an Analytic using OTBI
  • Workshop 3 – Building Dashboards
  • Workshop 4 – Enhancing Analytics
  • Workshop 5 – Amending Dashboards
  • Workshop 6 – Building Prompts for Dashboards
  • Workshop 7  – Briefing Books and Agents and scheduling
  • Workshop 8  – Modifying a Standard OTBI delivered Analytic
  • Workshop 9  – An Introduction to BI Publisher
  • Workshop 10  – Introduction to Infolets
  • Workshop 11  – ‘More Complex’ OTBI Analytics Workshop Session

Contact us for more information.

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