Beyond Systems Limited

Oracle Advanced Data Modelling

This course is a practical ‘hands-on’ guide how to use the Oracle Modeling Tool (often known as the ‘Administration tool’) to create BI metadata models that underpin the Dashboards and Analysis for Oracle Analytcs Cloud.  We also have a version for the older BI 12c users.  We provide instructions, demonstrations and advanced workshops.  The target audience are Designers and Administrators who will build the information model to support the business. 


  • Create repositories using the Administration Tool
  • Build Physical, Business and Presentation layers
  • Import schemas from multiple physical data sources
  • Design and build logical business models (star schemas)
  • Modelling 3rd Normal Form
  • Build dimension hierarchies and aggregate tables
  • Build level based and time series measures
  • Create session and repository variables
  • Implement business rules and calculations
  • Model Fragmentation from multiple data sources
  • Manage security authentication and authorisation
  • Present information to end users in subject areas
  • Deployment using the Weblogic Application Server