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Oracle Cloud Applications – “Reporting Satisfaction”

Is your organisation using Oracle Cloud Applications (ERP/HCM)?  Are your reports and analytics really as effective as possible and helping your organisation to be efficient and deliver the best experience for all users?

How would you know?

What We Offer

A high impact, high level evaluation of

  • Insights and observations of your current usage of Oracle Reporting and Analytics
  • Consideration of what you now ideally would like to do and how you can achieve that

From this, we produce a roadmap of options to deliver the best experience for your organisation.

The Process

1 – Perform an Assessment

  • Technical Review of Analytics/Dashboards – What are they doing?  Assess usage and performance so we can highlight any analytics that are long running and often used that are possibly affecting the ERP/HCM system for other users.  Are users cancelling long running analytics?
  • Technical Review of BI Publisher  – who is creating/using, what is running, when, for how long and who is doing that?  Individually reports may be fine, but are there peaks that can be smoothed out?
  • Functional Oversight – Whilst our analysis above is focused on real world execution and metrics, technology doesn’t tell the whole story.  We ask functional questions to understand what is happening with the data, e.g., are reports just being used to export data ‘off-system’ to be manipulated elsewhere?  Is technical debt being built up that can stifle innovation? Are efficiency and effectivity compromises being made that could be improved?
2 – Consider Current and Future Needs – Do you need to:
  • Eliminate or reduce manual off-system activities and reliance on individuals
  • Improve ‘Perspective lead’ dashboards that drill to detail and back into the Cloud Applications
  • Provide Self-service analytics using new visualisation and discovery techniques in addition to those available in OTBI
  • Include any historic/legacy reporting – e.g., the joining of ERP/HCM data to data from the prior systems where this has not been migrated but is needed to be reported
  • Have mobile analytics and alerting or to be more informed by using Machine Learning e.g., Procurement analysis to determine the reason for Invoice Holds, HCM Absenteeism predicting, etc
  • Have a Single source of truth for the organisation – of which the Oracle ERP/HCM data is just a part and thus OTBI alone is not a complete solution

Outcomes and Roadmap

The process and outcomes will be different for each organisation, but as an example there may be some areas where immediate focus would be of benefit, such as :

  • Automation of specific manual processes.
  • New role specific dashboards or report tuning.
  • If users are starting to develop their own analytics, then an implementation of a governance strategy to prevent a proliferation of analytics that do the same thing but slightly differently.
  • As data volumes and requirements change, are the metrics showing us there is a benefit in the smoothing of scheduled reporting.  
  • Use of additional technology including Oracle Analytics Cloud / Autonomous Warehouse / Fusion Autonomous Warehouse to deliver self-service, single source of truth for the whole organisation.

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