My Oracle FreshTalent Experience

My Oracle FreshTalent Experience

Since the turn of the year, I have been enrolled on Oracle’s Freshtalent course, a course for Oracle partners to further their knowledge of Oracle cloud and what it has to offer.

What is Oracle Fresh Talent

The course which was ran remotely this year due to the pandemic covered four phases. Each phase involved a week of virtual sessions with Oracle tutors and speakers and covered the below topics:

Phase 1 – Get to know OCI, OCI Foundation

Phase 2 – OCI Deep Dive, Exam Prep

Phase 3 – Best Practices, Autonomous DB, Analytics, integration, emerging technologies, and developer tools

Phase 4 – Training sessions with Franklin Covey, Assignment presentation

I personally found the technology side of the course the most useful, along with the exam preparation. The presentation at the end was to deliver a sales pitch using an element of OCI. Even though I don’t work in the sales area, this was a good exercise to use OCI in a working example as well as presenting to a large group. In particular, the Franklin Covey presentation training session helped with how to do a virtual presentation in front of many people.


Part of this course involved sitting two exams:

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Certified Associate

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate


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I am thrilled to say that through hard work and the help of the fresh talent course I achieved the grade needed to pass both exams.

My thoughts

The course was a great walkthrough of OCI and was very useful in the exam preparations for the 2 exams I took. It was great working and connecting with other Oracle partners from around the UK and across Europe as well as the knowledgeable Oracle staff running the course. If anyone is looking for an introduction to OCI I would recommend this course to them.