Oracle Data Visualization V4 – Data Flows

Data Flows in v4 of Oracle Data Visualization (in the new OAC as well as Desktop) is much improved, so let’s look at creating a flow to :

  • Join together two datasets
  • Filter the columns
  • Create some bins
  • Add a new calculated column
  • Save the results as a singe data source that we can then analyze.

Our flow will eventually look like this …..


We will start with one data set I have created, that being a spreadsheet of ficticious sales people and their travelling and renumeration.


The second data set is a sheet of the sales people with the cars that they drive


So let’s get the basics out of the way and load them both up as data sets ….


Once we’ve done that let’s goto the data flows and build up our flow – starting with the data set of the cars


Now click on the “plus” indicator to add another step


Choose “Add Data” in order to add a second data set – and here select the Salesmans’ renumeration sheet


Note that DV has automatically joined the two data sources together by identifying there is a column called Salesman in both of them. In this case this is exactly what we want, so we will leave this alone, however you can of course change this if this is not what was required.


Now click on the plus icon and add in Select Columns as shown below


1. By default all are selected, so move the Salesman_1 column to the left hand side by highlighting it and clicking on Remove Selected. As both data sets has a column called Salesman then one of them was renamed to Salesman_1 to avoid duplicate names and as they show the same data we only require one of them.


Now we can add some bins; if you are fmailiar with Oracle BI then this is a similar concept, but basically it is a way of assigning items into buckets


I have created on here by setting the options to smooth out the buckets so we have the same number ( or as close as possible ) of records in each bin.


This creates us a new bin column as shown


Now let us add a new column to the flow. We will ceate a column that takes the commission and calculates that as a percentage of the sales amount


Validate and save that


Now let us save the data to a new data file


Now we can execute the flow and then create a project based on the results of the flow


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